Get Your Mediterranean Green Pack

Get one Green Pack for €10, or more to accumulate environmental benefits
What do I do with a Green Pack?

With one Green Pack you plant a tree or help a young tree survive, as well as participate in other works to create and maintain a healthy forest and protect biodiversity.

You also offset up to 5% of the average annual emissions of one person.

Once the restoration work is done, we issue a Certificate of Restoration detailing the work carried out, the geolocation of the restoration and the improvement for trees, soil and biodiversity.

How does it work?

We decide in collaboration with the regional public forestry services on the work to be done according to the needs of each forest.

Technical projects of restoration are prepared a few months before work begins.

Restoration work vary depending on forest degradation, accessibility, soil characteristics and the state of biodiversity.

are there more options?

Of course! We have set a 10€ Green Pack that ensures enough restoration works and the needs of one tree, as well as offsett the emissions of one person. But you can always pick more Green Packs. More is always welcome and needed!  You can also get in touch with us, using the contact form below or by email, if you would like to do more for you or your family. We will make a personalized Green Pack for you.

Join and Make a Difference

Participate in forest restorations along the Mediterranean with a special reforestation of the Intercontinental Biosphere Reserve of the Mediterranean, protected by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

Bring new life to Mediterranean forests. Restore and protect vital ecosystems, rich in biodiversity, essential to the environment and our livelihoods, with strong impact on the regional climate and economy. However, they are vanishing at an alarming rate due to loss of forests, climate change, and human activities.

Together, we can make a significant difference.

With your Mediterranean Green Pack you protect nature and the climate. Everyone has a role to play. Every action makes a difference.

Mediterranean Green Pack: The Global Solution to Save Mediterranean Forests

Restoring forests goes beyond planting. The work involved is diverse and depends on the needs of each forest.

With a Mediterranean Green Pack, you plant a tree or help a young tree to survive, and contribute to open areas and paths without vegetation to prevent fires and slow their spread, build shelters and water points for animal, make barriers and generate vegetation cover to fight soil erosion and prevent landslides, clean the forest of organic residues.

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